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SRT for Air force and NDA CDS SSB

Dear Air Force Aspirants

Who has cleared Air Force Written Exam they are going to face Phase II which is Physical and SRT/GD.

Here are the examples of SRT which is being asked in Indian Air Force X Y Group Examination.  Solve all these SRTs and you will not feel the problem during your actual Air Force X Y Group test.

If you find anything Difficult to answer then comment below, we will help you to find the correct answer.

1) While going on a scooter, you find someone has been hurt by your vehicle, you would –
A) Try to run away from the spot immediately.
B) stop your vehicle and say ‘I am sorry’.
C) Take him to the doctor and arrange for his medical aid
D) pay compensation for the injury
2) Your maid has invited you to her daughter’s wedding. You would –
A) Completely ignore her.
B) Attend the wedding.
C) Buy a gift for her daughter and help in the wedding.
D) Congratulate her and make up some excuse
3) You are alone in the house and your sister-in-law is suddenly experiencing labour pains. You would –
A) Get upset and do not know what is the right step     B) Go out of the house to call your family doctor.
C) walk her to the nearest hospital.                                     D) Call an ambulance for emergency.
4) While travelling in your car, certain persons stop you on the way asking you to take an injured child to the hospital. You would –
A) ask them to leave your way and then drive away      B) Ask them to first call the police
C) Immediately take the child to hospital                          D) Get out of the car and some other person to help
5) Your standing at the door of the train that has just left the platform. Suddenly you see a man from your behind coach falling off the train. What will you do?
A) Pull the alarm chain so that the train may stop an
B) Shout at the falling man asking him to get up quick
C) Jump off the train to assist the falling man.
D) Wait till the train stops at the next station and
6) At midnight you heard the voice of several persons shouting, “Fire, Fire,” You would –
A) ring to the Fire Brigade station and inform the of
B) rush out of the room with buckets of water to exit
C) Ensure where the fire had taken place and to what
D) Continue to sleep, till you are called for.
7) While passing through a railway line, you notice that two trains from the opposite direction are running on the same lines you would –
A) Go your way without taking any notice of the accid
B) rush towards either of the running trains and try
C) rush to the nearest station and inform the railway
D) Wait and see till the trains pass on.
8) While travelling in a train, you observe some college students pulling the alarm chain simply to get down at their desired point. You would :
A) with the help of some passengers, check them from doing so.
B) let them pull the chain but check them from detaining.
C) inform the guard of the train as soon as it stops.
D) keep quiet and do nothing.
9) You are passing by a river and you know swimming. Suddenly, you hear the cry of a drowning child. You would:
A) dive into the river to save him        B) wait to see if some other person is there to help.
C) look for professional divers.           D) console the child’s parents.
10) Your friend has not invited you to his marriage party. You will :
A) hold it against him                     B) attend the ceremony
C) send him your best wishes      D) ignore the whole affair
11) While you board a train at the station, you find a suitcase beneath your seat. you would :
A) report the matter to the police.
B) open up the suitcase to look through its contents.
C) try to find out the address of the owner from the papers etc,in the suitcase.
D) finding no one to claim it, take it into your own possession.
12) While attending your friend’s party, you see your friend’s muffler catching fire from the candle on the table behind him. you would :
A) ask you, friend, to see behind him.
B) rush to call the friend’s mother.
C) rush and taking out the muffler from his neck, drop it our water in it.
D) take out the muffler and throw it away.
13)  You find that the person whom you call your friend has been cheating you. what would you do?
A) Break relations with him.      B)  Give him tit for tat
C) Make him realize his mistake. D) Tell other friends about him.
14)  while traveling on a train, you notice a man from the coach behind yours fall off the train. You would
A) pull the alarm chain so that the train may stop and the man may be helped.
B) shout at the falling man asking him to get up quickly and entrain
C) jump off the train to assist the falling man
D) wait till the train stops at the next station and inform the railway authorities there.
15)  You are interviewed for a new job. Which of the following is most important to you?
A) Opportunities for promotion
B) Remuneration you will be paid
C) Scope to develop your ideas and use them to improve the working of the organization.
D) All of the above are equally important.

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